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The Freshest Air in the Delaware & Lehigh Valley!

Clean air makes a difference. Prolonged exposure to poor air quality in your home can lead to increased susceptibility to allergies, colds and even cancer. Protect yourself and your loved ones by making sure that the air that you breathe is the "freshest in the valley".

See How We Can Make Your Home
More Comfortable:

Air ConditioningAir Conditioning
Want to feel cool and comfortable without feeling the pinch of high utility bills? A Lennox® air conditioner like the XC21 or XC17 more than delivers. These models are ENERGY STAR® qualified, which means they meet U.S. EPA guidelines for energy efficiency.

Heat PumpsHeat Pumps
Heat pumps are a unique kind of heating system, because they can do the work of both a furnace & an air conditioner. Thus, there's no need to install separate systems to heat and cool your home. Heat pumps can also work extremely efficiently, because they simply transfer heat, rather than burn fuel to create it.

Save Energy and Money with Lennox Energy Star Qualified Gas Furnaces! Many are ENERGY STAR® qualified, which means they can significantly lower your utility bills, compared to conventional models. For optimal comfort and efficiency, a gas furnace can be combined with an electric heat pump in one dual-fuel system.

Hot Water BoilersHot Water Boilers
Hot water boilers, or hydronic boilers, form the most important part of a heating system in homes, buildings and industries. The boiler works by applying heat to water. The fuel used is natural gas, propane or electricity. Hot water boilers are available in higher efficiencies than ever before.

imageblankAir Cleaners
Consumers can select a particle removal air filter by looking at its efficiency in removing airborne particles from the air stream that passes through it. This efficiency is measured by the minimum efficiency reporting value (MERV) for air filters installed in the ductwork of HVAC systems.

Working together with your heating and cooling system, products like the Humiditrol® system enhance your home's comfort and air quality by keeping humidity levels balanced and under control.

air to air exchangersAir-To-Air Exchangers
You can open windows, but it won’t be as effective as an air exchanger. Why? Because it is the only appliance that expels the polluted and humid air from your home to the outside and replaces it with fresh air several times a day. This clean fresh air is then filtered and distributed throughout the house. As a result, your environment is continually purified.

UV LightsUV Lights
UV light reduces mold & germs & improves HVAC system performance. Today this powerful disinfecting technology is available for our homes and businesses resulting in healthier, safer, indoor environments.

Radon MitigationRadon Mitigation
A colorless, odorless gas which builds up in the home, which has potential health risks. Radon is the 2nd leading cause of lung cancer.