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Radon Protection

radon protectionWith every breath, your family could be exposing themselves to a radioactive gas called radon. It's impossible to see, smell or taste. And it could be accumulating to unsafe levels in your home right now.

When installing a radon system we consider the following Prime Directives:

  • The system must be effective in reducing radon gas levels as low as achievable.
  • The system must be installed with quality workmanship and materials in order to achieve a pleasing aesthetic.
  • The system must be visually and audibly inconspicuous as possible.

If you choose Valley Air, you should expect a system that is installed with experience and commitment. The system will blend in with the surroundings of the home and will be designed and installed with craftsmanship to meet all building and fire codes. We are fully insured and state certified and all of our employees have access to Workman's Comp. Some of our projects include the Granite Run Mall, Church Farm School, Council Rock High School and thousands of residential homes.



sub slab(A) Suction Tap

(B) Piping System

(C) Radon Fan

(D) Electrical Components

(E) Exhaust
Riser Pipe

(F) Sealing of Entry Points

(G) Negative Pressure Indicator